Semi-Permanent Make up

Make-up that will not wash off. This procedure is for individuals who wants to save time. Sports lovers, contact lens wearers, those who have difficulty in applying make-up and those who have allergies to certain cosmetics. For those who want to look glamorous at all times.


Full set two eyebrows $595

Half Eyebrow (center to end) $455

Half Eyebrow (beginning to center) $455

Eyeliner (upper) $655

Eyeliner (bottom) $655

Lip liner $685

Full lip with blend $750

Full lip colour $750

Beauty Spot $225


Above services, each includes two treatments and consultations.


Consultation $250

Touch up from $300

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Established in 1997, Beauty Nirvana has been providing expert skincare service for over 20 years. Our team of qualified beauty therapists and our dedication to beauty and wellbeing have earned us a reputation for excellence.

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