Body Reshape programs


Success-proven programs using the latest body reshaping equipment to help you to reshape, lose weight and keep it off while staying healthy and motivated.


Linfogei (electro lymphatic drainage)

$125 per session(50Mins)

$2000 course of 20 sessions


Transion (localised tone and firm)


$115 per session (30Mins)

$1900 course of 20 sessions


Transion Slimming and Toning


  • Rapid slimming

  • Muscular firming

  • Skin toning

  • Skin elasticizing.


With a series of personalized applications, Transion is able to act upon excess layers of adipose tissue, reducing them in just 25 minutes of effective workout and toning the muscles at the same time. The result is harmonic and long lasting.


Through particular sets of square faradic waves, corrected into light trapezoidal, a twisting motion of the muscle bundle is induced. It is this twisting movement, unique in the field that, together with the contraction and stretching of the muscles, produces a “ squeezing and wringing-out effect”. This effect allows the rapid elimination of the excess fluid and soluble substances in the liquids from the treated area; these liquids are put into circulation and eliminated through the normal emunctories renal system of the body.


The muscular work activates the metabolic process of using up the reserves of the organism. Since the muscle needs energy to perform the movement, this energy is obtained from the adipose tissues that surround the stimulated area, immediately burning the carbohydrates and then the fats.

Therefore, the mechanism of metabolic transformation and of the “removal” of the excess weight is started. At the same time, due to the induced muscular exercise, there is an immediate recovery of the tone itself, with a rapid toning of the area. Normally, it is necessary to do a minimum of 12 treatments to obtain a reshaping of the area, which can equal a loss of at least one size. However, results may vary depending on the individual.  


Cost of treatment

Transion (per section): $115




What does our body lymphatic system do?


The lymphatic system is our front line of defence in fighting bodily infections, detoxifying the body and transporting metabolic wastes, excess water, bacteria and toxins out of the body.

The Lymph system is a major part of the immune system. It is a complex network of tissues, capillaries & Lymph vessels that produce & transport Lymph fluid around the body. Whilst the Lymphatic system contains twice as much liquid as the blood vessels, it lacks a pump, such as a heart to carry waste from the Lymph glands out of the body.


Even the healthiest and most active people can get partially blocked and sluggish Lymphatic systems. When toxins accumulate in the Lymph system the body becomes sluggish & possibly sick (sometimes without the person even realizing) and clogged lymph nodes become lymph lumps, more commonly known as cellulite. The remarkable electro lymphatic drainage treatment from Italia, call LINFOGEI is up to 12 times more effective than manual Lymph massage as it heals at a deeper level without applying any pressure to the skin


Benefits of LINFOGEI


There are many physical signs of congestion in the Lymphatic System that can benefit significantly by improving Lymph circulation. Some of these include:

  • Water Retention, particularly in ankles or fingers, indicating fluid congestion

  • General muscle aches and pains or a stiff neck, often as a result of sprains or whiplash

  • Cellulite and weight problems

  • Breathing problems, such as asthma or sinusitis

  • Breast lumpiness

  • Post surgery tissue congestion, scar formation or stretch marks

  • Acne skin problems

  • Stress, headaches and migraines

  • Immune system problems

  • Body detoxification 


However, even the healthiest person will benefit from LINFOGEI. The number of treatments required will vary depending on the severity of the condition. In more severe cases, it is recommended to have treatments 2-3 times a week, reducing down to once a month. Treatment times will also vary, an average session will normally take 30-40 minutes.


LINFOEI can reach areas that manual massage cannot reach. The major components of the lymphatic system occur in areas protected by bony structure, such as the upper chest area. It vibrates and stimulates the lymph nodes under the bone structure, which cannot be achieved manually. LINFOGEI stimulates the Lymph without putting pressure on the muscles.


LINFOGEI can generate quicker results than manual massage because we provide immediate blockage relief in the key Lymph nodes. If these nodes are blocked, then the Lymph will not drain away properly. For many conditions, LINFOGEI will achieve as much in one session as in several manual massage sessions


Cost of treatment

Linfogei session (50mins) $125

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