Success-proven programs using advanced body reshaping technology for weight loss, figure-toning and general wellbeing. Each program provides a multitude of health benefits including the relief of muscle tension and fatigue, increased metabolism and improved blood, oxygen and lymphatic circulation. A complimentary consultation is provided to tailor a program that addresses your concerns.

Body Reshape & Wellbeing


Reduce Fat Mass (60 mins) : $163

The ideal treatment to dissipate cellulite and localised fatty masses using infrared rays and induced direction waves. Infrared rays transmit heat to produce a safe and effective thermal action that breaks down unwanted hardened fatty deposits and improves blood flow. the directional waves also induce isotonic muscular movements with a pumping effect to eliminate excess fluids and enhance circulation.


Lymphatic Drainage (50 mins) : $131

This treatment immediately relieves congested lymphatic vessels by using automated pulses to stimulate the muscular fibres to contract, enhancing the drainage and purification process which expels waste and toxins. This program increases blood and oxygen circulation, reduces fluid retention, swelling, and tension.


Localised Tone and Firm (30 mins) : $120

A my-stimulations technology that safely and painlessly induces rapid muscular contractions in a ‘twisting motion’ through faraday stimulation which tightens and tones targeted areas. The energy used by the muscles is obtained from surrounding adipose tissue, effectively boosting metabolism.


Reduce Localised Cellulite (30 mins) : $120

A non-invasive body shaping procedure designed to reduce localised fat by applying safe levels of ultrasonic energy to a targeted area. This process foliates local ‘lipolysis’ which breaks down and liquefies stubborn fat cells which are subsequently eliminated through the lymphatic and urinary systems.