IPL Permanent Hair Removal


What is IPL Permanent Hair Removal?

IPL permanent hair reduction; is a safe, popular, non-invasive treatment that uses specific wavelengths of light to permanently reduce unwanted facial and body hair without affecting the surrounding skin.


How does it work?

IPL permanent hair reduction works on the 'Theory of Extended Photothermolysis'. This occurs when the melanin (the dark pigments) in your hair absorbs the light and converts to heat, which radiates to the surrounding cells that form the hair. If enough heat is produced it will destroy these cells, thus preventing further hair growth. If only low energies are used the hair growth will only be temporarily retarded with no permanent long-term results.


What are the benefits of IPL Permanent Hair Removal?

  • No need for messy waxes or gels

  • Permanently reduce unwanted facial and body hair

  • No embarrassing stubble

  • Great for sufferers of ingrown hairs

  • Clean, smooth skin

  • Reduces the frequency of shaving

  • Feel cooler and more comfortable

  • Be ready for any occasion


Reasons why IPL may not be suitable for you:

  • Blonde or grey hair

  • Very dark skin

  • Recent sunburn

  • Unprotected sun exposure or solarium use 4 weeks prior to treatment

  • Fake tan on the treatment area during the 2 weeks prior to treatment

  • Pregnancy

  • History of seizures

  • Severe dermatitis or eczema (within the treatment area)

  • Active infections

  • Roaccutane (oral acne medication) use in the last 6 months

  • Herpes 1 or 2 (within the treatment area)

  • Removing the hair from the root 4 weeks prior to treatment eg waxing/tweezing

  • Photosensitising medications are best avoided


What does IPL Permanent Hair Removal feel like?

Each pulse of light usually feels like a hot elastic band snapping on your skin. This is the light converting to heat within the follicle.


What sort of results can I expect?

IPL hair removal only affects the hair that is actively growing. At any given time, there is only a certain percentage of hair in this stage, called 'Anagen'. This is why treatments must be performed over a number of sessions, with a specific time span between treatments.

No IPL or LASER system will achieve 100% permanent hair removal though you can expect a 70% to 90% reduction and what hair is remaining is generally much lighter and finer.


How many treatments will I need?

The number of sessions required depends on your skin and hair color and how your body responds to the treatments.


Price for Women


Upper Lip $33

Chin $48

Side of Face $48

Underarms $63

Lower Arms $120

Full Arms $205

Bikini (Side Only) $85

X Bikini $105

XX Bikini $155

Brazilian $206

Lower Half Leg $225

Full Leg $452

Thigh $277

Full Leg with Bikini $504


Price for Men


Front/Back of Neck $83

Shoulder $122

¼ Back $122

Half Back $215

Full Back $400

Stomach $122

Chest $175

Abdomen $277

Buttocks $122

Hands $77